As part of their Italian portfolio assignments, students in Italian 1225 classes (Spring 2019) performed Italian songs of their choice and gave class presentations about the authors.

Here is a short selection of performances!

The video includes performances by, in order of appearance:

  • Grace Axthelm singing “Se tu m’ami” by Alessandro Parisotti
  • Peter Wilburn performing the Overture of “La gazza ladra” by Gioachino Rossini (clarinet)
  • Michael Meier and Caitlin Schneider offering an original trumpet cover and dance performance of “Gioca Jouer” by Claudio Cecchetto
  • Clarissa Cozzoni and Lily Nguyen singing and playing the ukulele to “Quando quando quando” by Tony Renis
  • Lauren Hughes singing “Se tu m’ami” by Alessandro Parisotti