Salma Omara

Salma Omara is an Italian minor, majoring in Electrical Engineering.

What inspired you to study Italian at OU?

What encourages me to study Italian at OU is my interest in Italian Culture and the variety of the courses are given at OU. I believed that the courses given under the OU Italian program will help me better enhance my Italian abilities in a more professional and academic way.

What aspect(s) of Italian culture are you most excited to explore?

I am interested in exploring the artistic part of Italian culture. After being to Italy, I fell in love with the different artistic movements that different artists implemented in many Italian churches and palaces. Consequently, I grew more passionate about Italian art and architecture.

I am also fascinated by Italian music and how it is a sincere reflection of the culture. Singers like Marco Mengoni, Ghali and Fiorella Mannoia inspire me with their music.

What would you tell a student who is thinking about studying Italian at OU but who may be on the fence?

I would encourage students to study Italian at OU. Especially that the university has study abroad programs in Italy, which is extremely helpful in connecting students to the culture. Also, through the many activities like karaoke and movie nights carried by the Italian department student has a chance to improve in all aspects.

What are your goals and plans for the future?

As an Electrical Engineer I consider working in telecommunication companies that have offices in Egypt and Italy.